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If you are a small business with a small IT team or you just prefer your email spam filtering service to be hosted or cloud-based, AAntispam's Hosted Service is the easiest and most powerful email spam filtering service available. With AAntispams hosted antispam service, we do all the work for you, and there is nothing to install, maintain, or service. Our award-winning hosted spam filtering blocks spam, viruses, phishing schemes, offensive content, hacking attacks, and other threats.

How does AAntispam's email spam filter service work? You simply redirect your email / your MX records to our servers, and our hosted antispam service filters your email before passing the good mail on to you. We go out of our way to make sure that any legitimate emails (known as false positives) do not get accidentally marked as spam, so you do not have to worry about losing important email.

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Key benefits of AAntispam.com email spam filter service include:

  1. Next generation, award-winning hosted spam filtering technology sets a new standard for effectiveness and performance
  2. No software or hardware to install; cloud-based
  3. No filter tuning required; zero administration
  4. Fully managed support from AAntispam.com Security Operations Center, which is staffed around the clock with email experts and security specialists
  5. Inbound and outbound filtering options
  6. Fully redundant system backed up with multiple data centers
  7. Backup email spooling for up to 96 hours to prevent any loss of email

Features and Benefits

Exceptional Performance
AAntispam's MAG-Hosted Service eliminates spam, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, and other offensive content. The hosted antispam service filters all incoming email before it reaches your email server. Spam, viruses, and other offensive or malicious email is separated from the email stream and stored in a web-based quarantine for up to 35 days.

Service and Support by Email Experts
Red Condor provides 24x7 technical service and support for our hosted spam filtering service. Security analysts and networking experts monitor email threats around the clock and proactively take action to ensure service continuity for all Red Condor protected domains and email users. And, our experts are available for implementation and configuration of the email spam filtering service, ensuring all aspects of the hosted spam filtering experience are made simple.

Simultaneous Outbound and Inbound Filtering
MAG-Hosted Service offers outbound mail filtering to prevent zombies / a virus infected PC from sending spam. Spam-spewing PCs can run undetected on your network and frequently get your email domain blacklisted, which can prevent other users within the domain from sending email. With our outbound email spam filtering service, if a zombie starts sending spam Red Condor blocks the spam, and then notifies the domain administrator so that corrective action can be taken.

Email Spooling for up to 96 Hours
When protected by a traditional hosted antispam service, a crash of an email server can be a major problem as they face the possibility of losing their emails. With our email spam filtering service, if one of your email servers goes down, we store your email for up to 96 hours until your server is brought back online.

Bandwidth Savings
By re-routing your incoming email to our hosted data centers, Red Condor takes the brunt of any spam assault, and passes only the good email to you. Our email spam filter service helps to protect the integrity of your Internet connection by eliminating the spam volume, which increases the bandwidth available for other Internet-based applications. In addition to keeping your email free of spam, viruses and other malicious content, with our hosted antispam service, you reap the benefits of lower bandwidth costs, lower email server utilization, and lower email archival capacity demand.

TLS Encryption
AAntispam's TLS Encryption option ensures the complete confidentiality of email communications and all the information they contain. It works by establishing private email networks linking our users with their business-critical partners via the use of certificates. Every single email sent or received by these networks is fully and securely encrypted, while the encryption itself remains totally transparent to both sender and recipient.

Simple End User Tools Reports
Individual users have secure access to any email that has been tagged as spam and placed in quarantine, which they can review without downloading the email and placing their computer or entire network at risk. Each user of our email spam filtering service can also receive an optional Spam Digest report that allows them to review their spam Quarantine without having to manage an extra junk email folder.

Sophisticated Admin Tools
AAntispam's hosted spam filtering technology also delivers sophisticated administration tools and capabilities that make it easy to manage complex network configurations, including support for multiple domains and domain aliases. Our web-based Administrator Dashboard lets you set email spam filter service policies, configure complex mail routing, view advanced reports and statistics, and monitor filter performance. You can even control mail policies on a per-user basis, with the ability to control features such as whitelists and blacklists, email and attachment blocking, email and attachment tagging, and email quarantine settings.

To learn more or to request your free 20 day trial, click here or call us at 1-408-374-8000


why AAntispam for messaging

AAntispam is a Service Provider/Distributor for Red Condor powered Messaging services

Filter out all messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach your network. By routing inbound and outbound email through our data centers, your administrator can activate robust security policies that keep your organization secure and compliant.

Not only will we provide you with discounted pricing, you will also benefit from our expert security administration and provisioning at no extra charge!


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