CompanyNews provides tips to keep your network secure solution was to move the clients from the security software that relied only on update patterns to a system which involved sandboxing/dna technology along with update patterns. clients rely on expertise to make sure they are safeguarded from malware.

Keeping your network secure can be cost effective and easy, CEO, Roy Miehe suggests these tips:

  1. About a company built on service and hard work, has managed Antivirus, Firewall Security, and Antispam solutions for home systems and organizations like the Secret Service, Cisco, Comcast, and Chevron since 1994.
  2. About WatchGuard New WatchGuard Application-Reputation enabled defense provides unparalleled protection; WatchGuard is setting new standards for Business Security.
  3. About Norman Antivirus Norman ASA, founded in Oslo Norway in 1984, is a world leader and pioneer in proactive content security solutions and forensics malware tools. Millions of users rely on Norman's solutions, such as network security, endpoint protection solutions and malware analysis tools, to protect their values. Normans proactive antimalware solutions are powered by the patented technology, Norman SandBoxing.
  4. About AntiSpam/Antivirus branded product Award winning provider of email security for Service Providers, Small and Medium Businesses, Education, Government Agencies and more. Our third generation, Zero Minute Defense product is automated, multi-layered, and closed-loop - making it the price/performance leader in eliminating spam, viruses, spyware, bots, phishing schemes and other dangerous and offensive content.
  5. About AAAntivirus Web Security product OverView: AAAntivirus Web Security features With more than 85% of malware now distributed via the Web, proactive Web security is a necessity. AAAntivirus Web Security Service provides better manageability and better malware protection than on-premise solutions. Organizations can get the most advanced protection against viruses, spyware, phishing and data loss while easily enforcing Internet acceptable use policy all without the hassle of purchasing and managing additional hardware and software. Has received numerous awards from major manufactures' starting with Trend Antivirus USA partner in 2003, Kaspersky Partner of the year 2005 and 2006, Panda Security largest SaaS Cloud Partner 2008 and 2009, currently one of Norman Antivirus largest US AV Partners ,WatchGuard Expert Partner MSP .

About services
  1. Hosted Microsoft Exchange up 24x7x365
  2. Managed Firewalls (Watchguard)
  3. Managed AV Desktop/Servers
  4. Managed Antispam Mail Solution SaaS based
  5. Managed Cloud Secure Backup
  6. Security Consultants

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